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Spring Forward

Oh, the joys of Spring! At least, that’s what has been told. For those suffering from mental health concerns, such as anxiety, depression, or suicidal ideation, the Springs is simply just another time of the year to feel guilt and shame for not being at one’s best. As the winter winds down, the season of flowers blooming, trees budding new leaves, and animals beginning to scurry about, perhaps it is time for a new perspective on one’s life rather than just the same old feelings and dysfunctional practices. As a new seed must struggle and strive to break through the soil to enjoy the warmth of the Sun, one must be willing to do the difficult work before expecting results, especially results that will last. If poor communication is leading to divorce, then good communication can lead to a fulfilling marriage. If drug or alcohol addiction is causing dysfunction in the family, then healthy living can lead to functional and successful group of loved ones investing in each other. Lack of boundaries are replaced with meaningful structure. Self-loathing can be turned into self-determination and self-worth.

 Mental health is similar to a person going to the gym. The more work that is put in, the greater the results. Those struggling with anxiety must learn how to find control in their lives. Major depression is not overcome beneath the covers but found in a walk through a local park. The effects of PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) can hinder but do not have to be a permanent condition in the hearts and minds of those who suffer. Autism Spectrum Disorder can be an incredible strength rather than a debilitating condition. ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) can be used to bring creativity rather than calamity. What once held a person captive can be overcome to set the captive free.

The therapists working for BestYOUtx are professionally trained to use a multitude of tools and therapeutic interventions to restore what is keeping individuals in the dark. TF-CBT (trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy), equine therapy (therapy with the use of horses), sand tray, art therapy, narrative therapy, existential therapy, guided imagery, Gestalt, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are some of the tools mastered to bring peace to hearts and balance to minds. Therapeutic interventions do not need to take years of investment to see results. Often times, the fear of the journey holds individuals back from living a life of abundance and joy.

All the mental health issues that leads a person down the road of destruction can be turned around and lead to the discovery of the path of success. The question about springing forward is not if one is ready. Most are not. The real question one must ask is, “Are you willing?” Seeds planted in the cold of Winter will rise up to bloom in the warmth of Spring. It is time to spring forth to the place where the suffering ends and the journey to hope and healing begins. Make an appointment today and let one of our therapists know you may have suffered through the Winter, but you are ready for the Spring!


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