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Ever feel as though you are not living your life the best way possible?

Ever feel as though you are not living your life the best way possible?  Is it the pain and suffering holding you back?  Are you struggling with anxiety, the lack of control, depression, the lack of motivation, or suicidal ideation, the thoughts and feelings of hopelessness?  BestYOUtx works with some of the industries best mental health providers, nutritionists, trainers, coaches, doctors, and psychiatrists to ensure that all of your needs are met to lead you to a place in your life where you live the best version of you possible.  Living life in a storm is difficult.  Not knowing how to row or in what direction is worse.  Our staff of professionals are here as a lighthouse to guide you in the process of moving through the storm and onto dry ground.  We work with individuals, couples, groups, or families in a safe environment to allow the pain and frustrations to be heard, but then to establish a clear plan on how to get out of the boat and begin living an abundant life.  We are here to help!

Parenting, Partnering, or Investing – Times have changed and not necessarily for the better.  Parents have far more information at their fingertips but far less knowledge of how to parent.  Not only do the children suffer from ill-equipped parents, but the parents suffer as well as shame and regret slowly poison the heart and mind of well-intentioned adults.  Perhaps it is not about the desire to be better parents.  Maybe it is more about the lack of understanding of the role.  Our job, and often our joy, is in raising adults, not raising children.  We need to focus our attention on the end result rather than staying in the moment.  Without a clear blueprint, a building would fall apart no matter how much the builders poured their hearts and souls into the project.  Think of parenting in three steps.  The first step is parenting.  We know how to do this.  It is more about what we command, demand, and communicate at this stage.  From birth to about 5th grade, parents are telling their little ones what to do.  Unfortunately, many parents stay at this stage.  This is why the national average of children leaving home and living independently of their parents is now over the age of 30.  Blame Covid or the economy all you want, but that number is just plain wrong.  The second stage, which is quite simple to fulfill, is partnering.  It is giving the youngster the room to try and fail.  It is about the child making choices and learning the consequences that come from good and bad decisions.  This level lasts from about 6th grade to 12th grade.  The closer to 18, the more responsibility the child is given, which, in turn, comes with far more freedom.  The last stage is about investing in your child’s future.  The young adult is now facing a cold and hard world.  They have learned the joys of victory and the pains of defeat.  This is when parents simply invest time, talents, and treasures into their prodigy as a means of being wind beneath their wings.  Having difficulty in your parenting skills?  Book an appointment today with one of our professional therapists and let them guide you through the process of parenting, partnering, and investing.


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